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One of the biggest challenges is to learn a second language. This application can help you improve your intermediate English skills to a high intermediate to advanced level. Whether you want to learn for fun, or prepare to study in the US, or need English for your business life; this is the application for you. This application focuses on general topics and is designed for any learner of English, regardless of age and perspective.

The goal of this application is to help increase skills in using the English language and prepare learners for academic and business life in English. The application is designed to help improve: Reading, Writing, Pronunciation, and Spelling Skills.

This new Study by APP program offers detailed explanations of the rules of English with audio lectures and challenging study cards. This study application also provides extra ability to practice test taking skills and trains the ability to work on tricky multiple choice questions.

If you want to improve your English skills, or if you consider studying in the US, or if you simply want to improve your English for fun, the ESL APP is here for you. Do not wait to download this or one of our many other applications today!

ESL App Development

This application was developed by Ms. Daniela C. Wagner-Loera who currently works as Lecturer for the University of Maryland English Institute as well as College Professor for the ESL department of Prince George’s Community College. Ms. Wagner-Loera has an extensive background in the field of teaching languages including: MATESOL, BATESOL, BA Teaching German, BA Teaching English Literature, and almost 4 years teaching experience.

Application Focus

Reading Basics
Reading Skills
Writing Structure
Writing Tips
Vocabulary Building
Pronunciation Skills
And many more…

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